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The "Associazione Banda Musicale CittÓ di Paceco" is between the most ancient musicale band of the province of Trapani (Sicily - Italy), in fact from around a century spreads the own tradition of band in all the local and national territory. After the hard years of the wars, a group of lovers of the music restarts to reunite for form that Musical Band that since then uninterruptedly work mainly to Paceco, small rural country of around 12,000 inhabitants to around 7 km from Trapani. In the December 1994 the artistic direction goes on to the actual young Maltese Claudio artistic manager. We in these last years are present to a big musical and social growth of the our group, becoming the band surely between most famous and operational of the province of Trapani. Associazione Banda Musicale "CittÓ di Paceco" has an organic ample composed currently from around 70 elements. The big desire of behavior, the big passion for the music, the young age of the Artistic Manager and of all the members of the band have contributed to the artistic growth of the whole Band. The musical kind performed in the numerous concerts is own variety for try to satisfy the different present public to the exhibitions: modern, classical, tipical local music, song. They are kinds that involve all, transmitting serenity and thoughtlessness. We have participated to many concerts for bands in many Italian provinces: Rome, Frosinone, Arezzo, Benevento, Palermo, Catania, Messina, Ragusa, and in many small countries from Sicily. The Band accompanies any between most important processions of the province of Trapani also between which those famous also out from Italy, that they unwind Trapani during the Holy Week. The Procession of the Holy Week in Trapani is famous in Italy, but also in many European countries. She unwinds from more than a century. The statues in procession have more than three hundred years and their artistic beauty is spectacular. Our band is considered that performs the better "Funeral Marches." Between them, in our repertoire, there are 6 marches that writings have stayed from the same Manager Artistic Maltese Claudio in these last years.



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office: via marengo, 34 - 91027 PACECO  (TP) - ITALY

e-mail: info@bandamusicalepaceco.it